Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to start organizing......

I have to finish some projects and then I can start organizing my notebook.

Today I am:

Making corkscrew bows

Making Flower Pins

Picking out Fabrics for bibs

Buying Spray Paint

Twine wrapping Mason Jars

Laundry from Beach

Finding Notebook and clear covers

Organize Sewing Room

Gotta get off here and start........

I will post pictures later!!

I also got this done:

Mailing labels for invitations

Bought pew decorations

Wrapped 90% of the silverware

Bought napkins for dinner and cake

Bought all the wine glasses

Finished all the centerpieces

Bought the lotion and hand sanitizer for bathroom

Bought the jars for above

Organized it all!

Bought the template for the circles

Bought gluesticks

Organized all my available stock

I did alot yesterday.....

More to do today so I'm off to cross more off the list!

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