Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Busy Day and a Cold

Today I did so much cleaning.....

office cleaned and organized
Every Bathroom cleaned
Sheets and comforters washed
kitchen cleanded
fridge cleaned out
living room cleaned and vaccuumed
bills and paperwork organized
bathroom organized

Did all of this with a cold and Mr. D helped.


sewing day

Pictures to follow.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have been busy....

 Here are a bunch of things I painted yesterday.....
 Alot of candle holders, trays and cake holders.....
Corker bows for my sister.

Today I have done nothing but play with my little buddy! And watched it snow.....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This glue gun has taken enough of my skin for the day! I am turning it off and watching Parenthood.....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to start organizing......

I have to finish some projects and then I can start organizing my notebook.

Today I am:

Making corkscrew bows

Making Flower Pins

Picking out Fabrics for bibs

Buying Spray Paint

Twine wrapping Mason Jars

Laundry from Beach

Finding Notebook and clear covers

Organize Sewing Room

Gotta get off here and start........

I will post pictures later!!

I also got this done:

Mailing labels for invitations

Bought pew decorations

Wrapped 90% of the silverware

Bought napkins for dinner and cake

Bought all the wine glasses

Finished all the centerpieces

Bought the lotion and hand sanitizer for bathroom

Bought the jars for above

Organized it all!

Bought the template for the circles

Bought gluesticks

Organized all my available stock

I did alot yesterday.....

More to do today so I'm off to cross more off the list!

Monday, February 7, 2011


really sucks!

I did get my save the date cards ordered from Walgreens. I am going to pick them up tomorrow!!

Going to try and go to bed........

Sunday, February 6, 2011



Browsing and Found this....

I am gonna make this for the silverware and all the food bowls and to Michaels to get paper after I go to Joann's.

Mason Jars

The whole theme of the reception is Mason jars and super relaxed.

There are so many details that I am trying to remember.

Here are a few ideas for tablescapes:

I have been shopping thrift stores for Mason jars for decorations and I will buy them new to use for the beer.

These are so adorable.....we are going to the Flower Mart downtown to get flowers to do our own centerpieces.

I bought burlap already and Muslin for the tables. I am headed out tomorrow to buy ribbon with my 50% off coupon from Joann fabrics.

Need to find Mellow Yellow color or Buttercream.

Was thinking of doing this:

I am painting several trays and plates and candle holders the buttercream yellow and I will post pictures tomorrow of the wedding chaos!!!

Guest List

So we had to come up with a guest list.....

Done. Very little drama over that just tough with the #80 restriction.

On to the venue and decorating and menu.


For Cocktail Hour:

Beer/ Wine


Ham/CreamCheese/Pickle Rolls

Little Corn Dog Bites

Chips and Salsa

Vegetable Tray


Pulled Pork


Baked Beans

Green Salad

Potato Salad

Still working on menu with the caterer (my mom).

We are serving the beer in mason jars and the wine in regualr wine glasses........lots of discussion about this from Mr. D otherwise known as the Beer Guy.....

Next up....Decorations MY FAVORITE PART!!!

He Proposed.....

Now it is time to plan the wedding. We have set a date. I have been shopping........

Our wedding is scheduled for June 18th, 2011.....Yeah we have less than 5 months to plan a wedding and on a seriously tight budget.

First we picked our venue

I am in love with this little church. Seats 80 people so we will have to really watch our guest list.